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a former prosecutor of the Federal Republic of Virginia, Robert D. Anderson has personally worked on and supervised thousands of criminal trials. Robert's experience, knowledge and relationships help those accused of crimes and get the best results possible. Mr. Robert has signed a written agreement to allow individuals to avoid having a lifelong criminal record and severe penalties.

Established in 1980


If you need criminal or traffic protection in northern Virginia, you can benefit greatly from working with a former prosecutor. Our law firm will work closely with Robert D. Thomas 5 Müllen, a former Federal Prosecutor in Rudun County (Chief Prosecutor), or a former Federal Prosecutor and Assistant General of the United States Army. Contact us today at Leesburg, Virginia (703.777.1733). We offer free consultation.

Kim is a senior official paralegal for criminal proceedings. Kim and Robert are working hard to ensure that all customers get the best results under the law.

Kim F.





This lawyer is the scam who has robbed me of my money, the former prosecutor, whom he has no clue about, to be in trouble with the money he does not help. I don't recommend leaving him. send him to the Virginia border for a good lawyer

12/30/2020 12:03pm