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&A; Associates is the evolution of Eduardo E's career. Brito. After more than 30 years of working overseas and working as a lawsuit officer in international companies, Dr. Britt has decided to focus on helping immigrants with their long-held passion, legal issues.

Established in 1988


&A;Associates is an immigration law office based in Riesburg, Virginia that helps migrants and their families solve migrant problems such as employment authorization, naturalization, family visa, student visa, request for additional evidence, and asylum. In addition to English, we speak both Spanish and Portuguese in our mother tongue.

After more than 30 years of legal practice in Latin America and the United States, Eduardo E. Britto hopes to help immigrants overcome the complexity of family law across jurisdictions. 80' as Ecuadorian Foreign Secretary after completing the legal training and civil code licenses in Ecuador and Brazil I went to America in the second half.

As the U.S. Embassy of Ecuador, and later the Ecuadorian Consul General in Washington, D.C., he was moved by the sad reality that the lives of American immigrants faced, causing a change in the lives of the affected people. In 1996, he graduated from Harvard Law School, where he started practicing U.S. law, and then worked at the law office in Richmond, Wall Street and Virginia. In addition to immigration, there have been cases of human rights litigation, family law and corporate law.

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When I can't sleep at night, I leave everything to the end. That happens to these lawyers. I looked for a lawyer on Google and sent a request for consultation to several companies. I was surprised that Mr. Edwald answered me within a few minutes of my consultation (no other person had contacted me). He answered immediately and made me explain everything. I explained to him that he had time to work, so he could not come to his office every week. He told me that he would open the store on Saturday. So we met. Imagine that the lawyer I was surprised took care of. I got to the office and waited for his Paralegal Margaret to rise the stairs. She was wise, kind and kind. They are very reasonable. I felt that I wanted to help them more than they wanted to get money. It's hard to trust people, but Brit & Amplifier; Those who are very satisfied with them are professional, reliable and kind. I recommend them 100%. Eduardo and Margaret, thank you.

12/25/2020 11:50pm